Glasses Limited Edition

Type Of Glass > Burmese

  • Fenton Burmese Epergne Lotus Mist & Pink Berry & Butterfly 95 Anniversary 1 Horn
  • Fenton Large Hp Burmese Aladdin Grand Vertique Kerosene Oil / Electric Lamp #477
  • Fenton Burmese Rosaline Pink Lattace And Floral Perfume Bottle 1230/1250
  • Fenton Pink Burmese Lamp Hand Painted Pink Poppy Flowers &butterfly Signed #364
  • Fenton Connoisseur Collection 2011 Drifting Floral Vase On Blue Burmese
  • Fenton Burmese Vanity Set Of Perfume, Powder And Tray Le 1021/2000
  • Fenton Burmese Vase Veil Tale Fish 2001 Connoisseur Collection Ltd Ed Withlabel
  • Fenton Art Glass Hand Painted Gold Accented Burmese Lamp